July 2023 - Customer Feedback!

Hi team at Larvalicious,

The package has arrived safely, and my bearded dragon (although in brumation) has tried a few and seems to thoroughly enjoy them!
Really keen on using these larvae as feeders for the future, as woodies and crickets love to escape, and overall are just a bit more messy.
Really appreciated the care instructions you threw into the package. Very thoughtful.
Overall extremely satisfied.

Andrew (July 2023)


Arrived safe and sound and beardie loved them straight away! 

Mark (July 2023)


You guys by far have the best packaging for BSFL. I have bought from several different businesses and will stick with you guys from now on!
Love the eco friendly packaging (with cute pictures!), great quality larvae and love that you ship without additional media (bran etc). Makes it so much easier to transfer them to my storage container.
Keep up the great work!
Beck (July 2023)


Yes arrive yesterday thank you so much. Very happy.
Kirstie (July 2023)


Good morning

Thank you recovered the order safely and love that it’s an easy process to order and pick up (which I local for us) and great product for our beardie who love them

Simone (July 2023)



My package arrived safely, larvae in tact (so no squished ones as far as I can see) & my chooks love them! So thankyou, I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again.

Erin (July 2023)


Order arrived and we got best bsfl yet! Big and fat and we got two very happy dragons! Thank you!

Petra (July 2023)


Yes, our order arrived safe & sound. Absolutely love it!

Shirley (July 2023)


Hey sorry for the late reply I completely forgot and was trying to get a photo with the little one and the larva but he doesn’t seem to like being watched and photos taken while eating so this is the best I could get.
As for the delivery and packaging, as always it’s fast and they were fresh and healthy on arrival
Always a pleasure buying from you and will continue to do so as the little water dragons ( Echo & Delta) love them and our beardy (Mira) enjoys them too

Brandon, Echo, Delta & Mira (July 2023)




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