June 2023 - Customer Feedback!


I received my package of teeny BSFL and it came in a biodegradable container. They were all alive, wriggling around. Very happy with my purchase, my bearded dragon is too!

Heidi (June 2023)


Sorry for the delayed response! The order arrived first thing the morning after I placed the order which was amazing and the order was placed carefully up the right way in my letter box. The packaging it self was extra special (we put the sticker on his tank) I think we were just as excited to open it as he was to eat the content! Overall ordering from you was a special and great experience, and we will be only be ordering from you from now on as the time and effort you go into the orders and ordering process really shows. Just wanted to thank you again. I did forget to get a video of him munching down on them but will get one to send through on your facebook page. Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,
Tahni (June 2023)


Hey mate, order arrived this morning and all looked good.

Will send through pics a little later and will post a vid on FB.

Thanks again for all the advice and sending me the order.
I hope my adjustments will make the difference.
I'll keep plugging you on socials wherever I can until they get the s***s with me, haha.

Have a good weekend.

Josh (June 2023)


Yes arrived perfectly 🥰  we have one happy lizard 😄 
Kind regards 
Petra (June 2023)
Just sending you a couple of photos of my beardie, who loves them, my terrapins love them as well.
Rosemarie (June 2023)
The order arrived safe and alive. 
The information sheet was very helpful. 
Great service
Here are my little group of larvalicious friends
Bernie (June 2023)

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