May 2023 - Customer Feedback!

Thanks so much for the super quick delivery and I’ve got to say WOW! They are HUGE! 

Ben (May 2023)

Happy Customer - Dragon with Larvae in mouth



I just wanted to say thanks. The orders have been arriving perfectly. I have been impressed with the quality and size of the BSFL you have been supplying, and with Charlie and Spike preferring the BSFL in their white stage more than when they go dark brown, I think their eyes were just about popping out of their heads when they saw the size of this latest lot, getting into them as soon as I put them in front of them.  The chooks also enjoyed whatever the lizards didn’t finish and the remains of the last batch I purchased from you.

If you ever decide to expand to include silk worms in your product list, I would be after them too as they are one of Charlie and Spike’s treat favourites.
Kim (May 2023)
Shipment arrived on time in great condition.
Michael (May 2023)
We had ordered from another company before finding yours. All the BSFL arrived dead. They offered free shipping on our next order as a compensation, so we decided to look else where and found you. 
We were happy with how the last order arrived and loved that they also came in a container not a bag. 
We got the 100g last time and it has lasted 2 weeks. He has just ran out so thought a monthly subscription was ideal as I may forget to order in time. 
I'm not sure if he is eating as much of them as he should be but he does love his salad as well. 
Natalie (May 2023)
She loves them! 
Can I switch my subscription to these please?
I have attached a video of Zazu eating one this AM. She is a 3 month old pygmy bearded dragon. 
Lara (May 2023)
Zazu, happy customer May 23

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