April 2023 - Customer Feedback!


Exceptionally happy with your product  

Arrived safe n sound.. all crawling alive n healthy my quail’s n bantams come running when I walk out with the bag..

Thankyou everyone so involved with this fantastic project I will certainly be buying more.. oh.. nearly forgot the goldfish they nearly jump out of the tank when they see ‘ that’ bag.. I love that EVERY ONE IS SOOO HAPPY  

MAYBE.. think about setting down this end of the Tweed Coast many thanks 

Amanda, April 2023



Got the order today the lizards loved it

Christina @echothelizard, April 2023

Hungry Bearded Dragons love Larvalicious LarvaeAnother satisfied customer chowing down on Live BSFL from Larvalicious
my bsfl were in tip top condition and my beardie loved them. I will be definitely adding them to his regular diet.
Anonymous, April 2023
Hi :) I've attached some photos of Chomper the Beardie nomming on the tasty BSFL. He loves these! Gets so excited for them. 
Even though he can be moody when shedding (eg now) he still loves them
Laura @realaussiereptiles, April 2023
Chomper Enjoying his meal of Larvalicious BSFL"Just can't get enough" Chomper
Oh wow, that's an impressive customer service, many thanks for your offer. 
Anonymous, April 2023

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