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Golden Grubs - Dried BSF Larvae 1kg - Free Shipping

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Beautiful Golden BSF Larvae carefully dried

50x more calcium than mealworms

Essential amino acids for healthy pets

Black soldier fly larvae carefully reared at our Queensland farm. Carefully dried - they make excellent daily food for a wide range of pet and wild animals.

Dried BSF larvae provide the perfect balance of healthy protein, good fats(amino acids) for your pet animals.

1000 grams of agriculture-grade, free-shipping dried larvae provide essential nutrition that won't break the bank.

BSF larvae has amazing anti-microbial properties - meaning your pets will be healthier!

Your pet will love you for feeding them a daily feed that they love - real insects, reared in Australia!

Live black soldier fly larvae, can also be an insect feeder for: pet lizards -  dragon lizard, bearded dragons, blue tongue lizard, geckos, frogs. As as for turtles, fish and spiders, guinea pigs, rats, mice and ferrets.

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Golden Grubs - Dried BSF Larvae 1kg - Free Shipping



Dried Larvae are versatile and can be sprinkled on top of regular feed.

Your Curious Quails and Chirpy Chickens will come running for these delicious golden grubs!

Our grubs are:

  • Sustainably harvested on a diet of fruits, veggies & grains
  • All natural grubs, no sprays or additives

Feeding Guide

  • Introduce new foods gradually and give your flock access to grit to aid digestion
  • Feed by hand or by scattering them on the ground

Also great for reptiles and snakes, frogs and spiders!


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